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Hello there! It's been quite awhile since this page has seen some activity. That's because many of our community members have been talking about Flora in the new Floraverse Community Forums! Feel free to drop by, have a chat, share your fan theories, and MORE.

And now to the contest...

Ah, yes! If you have been keeping up with comic updates, then you know today Glip announced the start of a new contest for all to participate. If you are unaware of this, or do not know where our website is, click here. It's best to read the comic first before continuing with this journal any further.

Below are the rules and guidelines for the contest Glip has set.

Enjoy, have fun, and get creating!


Hey! So, it's time for one of these again. The last time we did this was the bug species contest. That produced some really cool entries, but I'd like to do another one.

Ideally you will give 3-5 examples of different individuals of your species. Also, focus in on one sense, don't try to incorporate all 5 into a single species somehow. Get creative about it! Like, why is the chosen sense important? How is it limited? For instance, Masked Owls are very good at looking at things and learning that way, but they're limited to learning about only the things that interest them -- a little bit of tunnel vision.

Anyway, feel free to submit multiple times. Entries are due February 29th, 2016 and I'll probably pick out winners sometime in March, and work them into a sheet or something a month or three after that. Oh yeah, and you can receive Seeds in book form, and a shirt, if you want. If you already have a book, you can pick out some other stuff from the store. Or receive like, the concept book PDF or something. Whatever! You'll get some free stuff is what I'm saying.

Anyone whose species is chosen needs to be aware that Marl and I often rework ideas to better fit the world, but that you'll still always receive credit for your initial idea.

Also, please keep in mind that Flora is under the creative commons share alike license. (Just thought I'd remind everyone of that.)

Thanks everyone! Hope some interesting things pop up!
Andresign by Marlcabinet








Andreicons by Marlcabinet: Well? I think it's clear enough. What do you think?

Belethicons by Marlcabinet: "Yours truly"? You've gotta be kidding.

Andreicons1 by Marlcabinet: Would "with love" be better?

Belethicons2 by Marlcabinet: No!

Andreicons3 by Marlcabinet: Then yours truly it is. Any good proclamation has to have an ending with my name on it. How else will anyone know it's official?

Belethicons3 by Marlcabinet: It says it's from your office, right at the top.

Andreicons1 by Marlcabinet: But anyone could have written it from my office. With my name at the end, it's legit. That's how it works.

Belethicons by Marlcabinet: Are we really supposed to, uh, kill anyone trying to get across quarantine without permission?

Andreicons2 by Marlcabinet: It's mentioned in the quarantine notice. "Up to and including death." Did you see that part?

Belethicons3 by Marlcabinet: Yes, but-

Andreicons by Marlcabinet: There you go, then. We can't go around setting expectations and then not living up to them! Think of what that will do to our integrity!

Andreicons3 by Marlcabinet: I'll have these notices posted all throughout and around the island. You make sure Pike's military cordon has a good supply of them, as well.

Belethicons2 by Marlcabinet: Understood.

Andreicons1 by Marlcabinet: I'll keep in touch.
Jam: What's good, chickadees? I've been asked to give you all a cool and brief... uh... well, briefing, on the cities of my favorite little big Blackjack Island: Trebol!

Lots of people think it's an island only for music, but that's not the half of it. You got dancing, singing, movies, plays, art... Oh! Outdoor activities, too, you know? Stuff like hiking and camping and climbing rocks and all that. Trebol's even got a bunch of amusement parks! The city of Fundango is actually a massive theme park, and it's way popular. You usually gotta reserve a ticket like, weeks in advance.

Turnstile is the middle region of Trebol. This is where you'll find embassies for other islands and cities.
  • Vinyl is the capital of Trebol. It's centrally located, so it's really easy to get to no matter what leaf of the island you're on. Pretty much all politics and planning and administrative stuff happen there. Most of it's above my head and really boring, but there you go. Arch Magni Andre lives there, and he's in charge of approving all the important decisions regarding the island. I haven't heard anyone complain about the way he does things, so he's probably doing a good enough job. 
Bluegrass is the north region (or leaf) of Trebol, and it's mostly wilderness, like forest and mountains and stuff. Outside of Foxtrot, there's not much in the way of "modern living" here, since the island governors thought it would be best to preserve the region's natural beauty. This is where you want to go if you're interested in experiencing the great outdoors!
  • Foxtrot is the capital of Bluegrass, and it's a pretty decently-sized city. It's a bit rustic, but it's not like, the backcountry or anything. Visitors are urged to stop here and register for whatever it is they want to do in Bluegrass, like the outdoor rec activities I mentioned earlier. You could skip registration and just sneak north into the wilderness, but if you get lost or in trouble, nobody in Foxtrot's gonna know, and they're not gonna be able to send out a search party for you. So play it safe, yeah? Register before heading out.
  • Bluegrass Hills is the area just north of Foxtrot, and it's pretty safe place for camping and hiking. Foxtrot's park rangers frequently sweep through the area and make sure there aren't any uh, things that could pose a danger to the visitors. It's hard to get lost here, too. Just go to any really, really big hill and you'll be able to see Foxtrot off in the distance.
  • Bluegrass Mountains is where you end up if you keep heading north of Bluegrass Hills. It's easier to get lost here, due to how dense the forest is. There aren't a lot of park rangers patrolling the area, so running into dangerous animals is a possibility. Keep alert, stay safe, and respect the wildlife!
Ballero is the east region (or leaf) of Trebol, and it is the place to go if you're into music! Every kind of concert or orchestra or whatever you want to listen to is here. There's lots of small towns and cities here, too, and each one of them is usually themed after a certain type of music. It's actually really common for small musical bands to found their own tiny city! You can imagine those kinds of cities as like, a really big garage, but out in the open.
  • Sonata is the capital of Ballero, and it doubles as the biggest, most rocking auditorium you could ever hope to see. Every year bands from all over Hellside (and Topside!) gather here to compete against each other in Sonata's "Tournament of Music". It lasts like, three months and is the most popular event on the entire island, beating out R-Bop's massive Fundango park.
  • "A-G" are each their own city, but are still within Sonata's jurisdiction. If just visiting Sonata for the Tournament of Music isn't enough for you, you'll most likely be interested in living in one of the lettered cities. Each of them constantly hold their own small musical tournaments, and they regularly compete amongst each other. It's also where you should go if you want to join or start your own band. Everyone goes to these cities to either seek out talent or be sought out!
R-Bop is the south region (or leaf) of Trebol, and everything involving non-strenuous fun can be found here. Carnivals, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, malls... if you want to have fun without exercising too much, you'll want to come here.
  • Fundango is the capital of R-Bop, and is also Hellside's (and Topside's) largest amusement park. It's got literally hundreds of rides and attractions, and dozens of uniquely themed areas, like haunted houses, pirates, forests, deserts, ghost towns, gold mines... there's way, way more, but I hope you get the idea. It's never crowded, either! Fundango knows that most everyone hates lines, so they're pretty strict on how many can be in the city at one time. This means you have to reserve an admission ticket at least a couple weeks in advance, but it's worth it.
  • Slide is the port of Trebol, and it's where you go if you want to visit any of the other islands. Most everyone takes a ferry or a ship, but... if you're feeling adventurous, Slide offers flights off of the island! They got balloons, zeppelins, and various (trained) flying beasts.
Disco-Disco is my hometown, baby! Wouldn't trade it for the world. It's the west region (or leaf) of Trebol, and disco never dies here! If you like dancing, this is your place. If you're cool like me and love roller disco, you'll never want to leave!
  • Galop is the capital of Disco-Disco, and it's pretty cool. The entire city was built with the idea that getting around on wheels is the best way to go, so almost everywhere is accessible by roller skates or roller blades or bicycles! Lots of smooth, curvy roads and hills. I love it. I love it. Dance tournaments are frequently held here, with yours truly being last year's champion.
  • Shufflebugg and Skip are good cities to visit if you're not into competition and the like, but still enjoy flashy dancing and upbeat music. A massive intra-island rollerway connects the two cities, with off ramps leading to Galop and hundreds of other small cities and towns.
Wow. I talked a lot, huh? I'm not used to staying in one place for so long, I can tell you that. I'm out for now!
Hello, hello!

Being a Topsider, you probably know all about the Citrico Archipelago, right? Who wouldn't? With each island offering its own unique atmosphere, attractions and color scheme, it's a wonderful place to live or visit if variety happens to be the spice of your life!

But did you know the Citrico Archipelago has a counterpart down in Hellside? 

They're called Blackjack Islands, and they offer just as many experiences as the Citrico Archipelago does, if not more!

Whereas the Citrico Archipelago has the islands of Stemm, Cherran, Musapeel, Citrico and Polaris, the Blackjack Islands have Trebol, Chance, Cardios and Pike.

Trebol is the ultimate destination for anyone interested in music, dancing, sports, theatre, live entertainment... actually, pretty much anything involving entertainment and recreation. If you want to see it, listen to it, dance to it, perform it, act it or just do it, Trebol's got you covered.

Chance is the place to go if you're willing to try your luck, no matter how you want to do it. Gambling? Sure. Betting? Of course. Casino games? Card games? Sports? Competitions of all kinds? You got it. Fortunes are made and lost on Chance every day!

Cardios is second to none when it comes to hospitality, even when you consider Topside. An entire island dedicated to taking care of you in the way you want to be taken care of, no questions asked. What could be better than that? Nothing. That's why Cardios is number one. 

Pike. Good old Pike. When the other three islands just aren't doing it for you, come to Pike. When you feel you've seen it all, when nothing can break you out of that jaded and unmotivated attitude, come to Pike. Nothing can top the sheer excitement to be found on this island. You'll have a terrific time on Pike, guaranteed.

These islands are all open to Topsiders, and are very affordable destinations for any income level!

"But what if I'm flat broke, or really cheap?"

It's affordable even then! If you become a citizen of the Blackjack Islands, every facility on Trebol, Chance, Cardios and Pike is absolutely free! 

"Wow, what a great deal! How do I become a citizen?"

We'll get into that later. You probably want to learn more about the Blackjack Islands, right? 

Check back soon for more information regarding Trebol!

Bonus Treasures
References and Links


Welcome to part two of the Treasure Hunt! Deadline for entries will be Jan 1, 2015. Entries submitted after this date will be accepted but will not have a chance to be considered canon.

Corditehappy by Marlcabinet "Ladies and gentlemen and other, welcome to the first ever Luxury-Citrico Treasure Hunt! Hosted by yours truly, Cordite!"

Ananalovely by Marlcabinet "And me!"

Corditeneutral by Marlcabinet "And her."

 Corditeneutral by Marlcabinet "I'm pleased to see such a great turnout! I can see some fine looking teams in the crowd in front of me, and if you're all half as good as you look, you'll all be rolling in treasure by the end of the month! Now, I know you must all be antsy to hear your instructions and get your supplies and take off, but there's some ground rules."

Corditestern by Marlcabinet "Ground rules that you're all gonna follow, or else. Here's my lovely assistant, Anana, to explain them."

Ananalovely by Marlcabinet "Thanks, Cordy!"

Ananahappy by Marlcabinet 
"Wow, what a crowd! I'm happy to be here, and I bet you all are, too! Ready to find some treasure? I bet! But first we got some tiny teensy rules you should keep in mind! Don't worry, they're real easy to follow! Cordite and me worked real hard to come up with them!"


1. No killing or grievously injuring any individual(s).
Anana: "You don't want me or Cordite coming after you! We're not bound by these rules, okay?"

2. No leaving a team without a usable treasure map.
Anana: "Everyone's gotta have the hope of finding treasure. If you steal someone's treasure map, make sure they're given your old treasure map, all right?"

3. No damaging treasure or treasure maps.
Anana: "And don't even think of throwing them into the ocean or something! That would make me really sad! Lots of people worked really hard to make those!"

4. No detainment of any individual(s) longer than necessary to perform piratey actions.
Anana: "Like, trading a treasure map or something, I dunno. Get the deed over with, and let them go, 'kay?"

5. No structural damage to ships.
 "They're Cordite's ships, and Cordite will be very cross if you're to damage them."

6. No obstructing Watercolor buffalo hides or removing them from ships.
Anana: "Don't try to be sneaky! The only things touching these should be ink and stuff from a creature you choose. We'll explain that later, okay?

7. Follow all EmergenSea Parrot instructions.
Anana: "They're helpful little fellows, and will never lead you astray! Even I can't get lost if I'm listening to one!"

8. No hindering of or tampering with EmergenSea Parrots.
Anana: "They belong to Cordite, and they're there for your own safety!"

9. Be polite and peaceful to all individuals not participating in the treasure hunt.
Anana: "No pirate antics for anyone who hasn't willingly signed up for them! Don't forget!"

10. Follow all orders from Cordite and Anana.
Anana: "Even if you disagree with us, you gotta follow them!"


Ananahappy by Marlcabinet "I know everyone will follow the rules, but just in case I'm wrong, we have some consequences for breaking them! We have four punishments, each one worse than the last! I would hate to see any of them happen to anyone!"

1. Petty: EmergenSea Parrot shall reveal your ship's location for 24 hours. Smoke signals will be employed during the day and fireworks during the night.
Anana: "You don't want anyone knowing where your ship is! What if they try to take your treasure map, or your treasure?"

2. Minor: In addition to the Petty penalty, teams shall be docked 1 point.
Anana: "You won't be able to get a trophy at the end if you don't have enough points! It's a really good trophy, too!"

3. Medium: In addition to the Petty and Minor penalties, all navigational equipment and maps on the offending crew's ship will become unusable for 72 hours.
Anana: "There's nothing worse than being lost and exposed at sea!"

4. Major: The offending crew's ship shall be destroyed by lightning. EmergenSea Parrot will call for a stern escort of the offending crew to the closest mainland. The offending crew will be disqualified and have their treasures confiscated and returned to their starting locations.

Ananastern by Marlcabinet "That last one is for real bad apples! I hope we don't have any of those here! Also, i
n addition to the Medium penalty, leaving a team without a usable treasure map will result in your EmergenSea Parrot returning their stolen treasure map." 

Ananasad by Marlcabinet "That means you'll be punished and won't have anything to show for it!"

Anananeutral by Marlcabinet "Be smart and follow the rules! Cordite, you're up!"

Corditerelief by Marlcabinet "Good lord, that took long enough! All right then, let's get to the fun stuff."


Corditeneutral by Marlcabinet "This is a treasure hunt, pure and simple. Your team will have four tasks ahead of it in the coming month."

Task 1: Find treasures located on your treasure map.

Cordite: "I shouldn't have to explain this one to you. The map shows you where some treasure is. You go there and find the treasure."

Task 2: Keep the treasure you find.
Cordite: "This thing's gonna last for a whole month, and during that month you'll have to be on guard for other teams who're gonna steal your treasures."

Task 3: Protect your Watercolor Buffalo hide from all pigments, paints and inks.
Cordite: "It's like paintball, except on a boat in the ocean. Don't let anyone shoot it with a Squinker, Gel Squinker, Mark Knocker or Spraypaint Skunk!"

Task 4: Conduct all of the previous tasks in a stylish and piratey yet civilized manner.
Cordite: "We'll award points for various actions, and teams with nine or more points are gonna get a trophy at the end of the treasure hunt."


Corditeneutral by Marlcabinet "Here's what a team can get points for."

Trading a treasure map through force or deceit: +1 point
Cordite: "Don't like the treasures listed on your map? Don't like where they're located? Someone already find the treasure? Make someone trade their map for yours!"

Finding all treasures on your original treasure map: +2 points
Cordite: "Find them quick! There's a lot of people signed up for this thing, and only thirty treasures to go around!"

Finding treasure with someone else's treasure map: +2 points
Cordite: "Nothing like good old-fashioned pirate greed."

Having an unmarked Watercolor Buffalo hide: +3 points
Cordite: "This is gonna be a difficult one. You're gonna have to be quick and sneaky if you don't want people shooting up your buffalo hide."

Coordinated outfits: +1 point
Cordite: "Pirates should always look good."

Not requesting assistance from your EmergenSea Parrot: +1
Cordite: "Nothing wrong with needing a bit of help, though. You can still get a trophy if this is the only point you miss out on."


Corditestern by Marlcabinet "Here's what you're gonna get before we let you set sail. Take care of all of it! Especially the parrot here." Emergensea by Marlcabinet 

1. EmergenSea Parrot, one
Cordite: "This little wooden guy will make sure you're never truly lost at sea! It will also warn individuals if they're about to engage in rule-breaking."

2. Watercolor buffalo hide, affixed to hull, one
Cordite: "Don't let anyone shoot it!"

3. Rations for one month-long sea voyage
Cordite: "Dry biscuits, flavorless jerky and vitamin tablets. The best. It's what I always ate before I retired."

4. Water for one month-long sea voyage
Cordite: "Full of life, so you know it's good for your life!"

5. Treasure map, one
Cordite: "Make sure you hang on to it!"

6. Compass, one
Cordite: "Points north."

7. Spyglass, one
Cordite: "Used for spying on people from great distances. You look into the small end, not the large end."

8. Squinker, Gel Squinker, Mark Knocker or Spraypaint Skunk, one of your choice
Cordite: "
Pick one of these guys and use it to shoot other teams' watercolor buffalo hides!"


Corditeneutral by Marlcabinet "Now, we'll try our best to keep everyone safe, but the sea's a cruel mistress. Be careful of these things when you're out there."

- Diamond head dolphins -
Corditestern by Marlcabinet "These dolphins love the feeling of smashing and breaking things with their heads. This includes rocks, coral, and boats and ships of all sizes. Your boat is made of wood, and the skull of a diamond head dolphin is, well, stronger than wood. Steer clear of these guys. They dislike music and high pitched noises."

- Killer, the Shell slicer whale -
Killerfin by Marlcabinet
Corditesad by Marlcabinet "Killer here, she can't stand violence or aggression. Of any kind. No matter how warranted they be. Lots o' ships have been lost at sea due to crew members merely arguing within earshot of her. Be on your best behavior if you think she's around."


Corditehappy by Marlcabinet "Here's what you've been waiting for! Remember, if your treasure map doesn't list the locations of the treasures you want, feel free to swap it for someone else's."

T01 by Marlcabinet1. Ugly Wooden Doll - Two tickets for a month-long Twin Luxuries vacation trip are inside.

T02 by Marlcabinet2. Jolly Gnome - If placed in a house, Jolly Gnome will creep around at night. It won't move under observation.

T03 by Marlcabinet3. Sparkling Necklace - Appears more shiny and sparkly to viewers based on their desire for the necklace.

T04 by Marlcabinet4. Eversoap - This soap never gets smaller! Smells like coconuts.

T05 by Marlcabinet5. Powderator - Any liquid placed in this cup turns into a fine powder. Add water to reconstitute.

T06 by Marlcabinet6. Gemmed Wine Bottle - When spun on its side, will always point to someone with a crush on whomever last touched it.

T07 by Marlcabinet7. Ensorcelled Mouse - Runs around and eats dust and dirt off of floors. When it gets tired it deactivates and sleeps for six hours.

T08 by Marlcabinet8. Dazzling Boots - These magically stretch and shrink to fit any pair of feet. They endow the wearer with the knowledge and ability to perform dances most appropriate to any music currently playing.

T09 by Marlcabinet9. Bag of Snazzy Dice - Each die is carved out of a single gem. They take over a minute to stop spinning when thrown.

T10 by Marlcabinet10. Chest of Booty - The treasure inside is actually chocolate. The chocolate will refill one month after being consumed.

T11 by Marlcabinet11. Tethered Demonic Sprite - A hellion from the underworld, bound and trained to assist its owner in the dark task of time management. Requires one peanut a day. Comes with one bag of peanuts.

T12 by Marlcabinet12. Waterland Magnet - When placed on a compass and and held over water, the compass points to the closest body of land. When placed on a compass and held over land, the compass points to the closest body of water.

T13 by Marlcabinet13. Seafarer's Pipe - Never runs out of tobacco! The smoker will be overcome with the desire to sing improvised sea shanties.

T14 by Marlcabinet14. Fabulous Gun - Never runs out of ammo. Shoots harmless fireworks, and only if pointed at clear sky. One minute reload time.

T15 by Marlcabinet15. Piratey Earring - Changes shape, size, and color to perfectly coordinate with the wearer's pirate-themed outfit.

T16 by Marlcabinet16. Parrot Paperweight - Will squawk and yell words from papers it was placed on over a month ago.

T17 by Marlcabinet17. Dueling Swords - Totally harmless. If two individuals each hold one, they will attack each other until one "loses". Great for entertaining.

T18 by Marlcabinet18. Peg Leg - Replaces one of the user's legs. The user's leg is safely stored in a pocket dimension, and reappears when the peg leg is removed.

T19 by Marlcabinet19. Swatchbuckle - Securely holds up any pair of pants, even if the pants have nowhere to place a buckle.

T20 by Marlcabinet20. Toothy Gum - Tastes like salt water and never loses flavor. Coats the owner's teeth in a golden enamel, providing a brilliant, dazzling smile. Effect lasts until gum is spat out. Gum will reconstitute good as new in one week. Do not swallow.

T21 by Marlcabinet21. Tacky Pirate Hat - When worn during leisure trips, compels the wearer's group to look to the wearer for advice and guidance.

T22 by Marlcabinet22. Decrepit Dagger - Incapable of causing harm. Used to attach notes to surfaces. With gusto.

T23 by Marlcabinet23. Forgotten Treasure Map - Solving this map's riddle will be lead to an object the solver has misplaced and forgotten. Can only be solved once a week. Riddle changes every week.

T24 by Marlcabinet24. Bottle with Ship In - Contains a pocket dimension. The owner can teleport themselves into the fully-furnished ship inside this bottle for up to 24 hours per calendar month.

T25 by Marlcabinet25. Gourmet Cookbook - Contains recipes and cooking methods for the winning dishes of all previous Gourmet Gauntlet Runs.

T26 by Marlcabinet26. Fishing Gear, with Hat - Endows the user with the ability to weave fantastic and somehow believable tales of previous catches.

T27 by Marlcabinet27. Snorkeling Gear - Allows the wearer to see clearly in any type of water, no matter how cloudy. Must be worn with the matching snorkel and flippers.

T28 by Marlcabinet28. Piratey Eyepatch - When worn over an eye in the daytime, the patch imbues that eye with magical light. When taken off at night, the imbued eye emits a high-powered beam of light when open.

T29 by Marlcabinet29. Beamused Roger - When placed on any type of vehicle, bears a magically-embroidered image of its owner appearing ominous and intimidating.

T30 by Marlcabinet30. Looking Glass - Spots parties where no one will notice an uninvited or unfamiliar guest.

Bonus treasures

Corditehappy by Marlcabinet "But that's not all! In addition to the main treasures we hid around here, there's a couple naturally-occurring ones!"

- Big Bear Treasure Hoard -
Bigbear by Marlcabinet
Corditestern by Marlcabinet "The legendary Sea Bear, "Big Bear", has an absolutely massive hoard of treasure hidden somewhere underneath the ocean. Find it, and you'll have highly valuable sea bear treasure at your fingertips. Take only one item from Big Bear's hoard, or else."

Ananalovely by Marlcabinet "You already said 'or else' earlier, silly!"

Corditerelief by Marlcabinet "Ehh, whatever."

- Dead Man's Pouch -
Deadmanspouch by Marlcabinet
Corditestern by Marlcabinet "This sack jelly's centuries-old and is larger than most ships. It's been collecting treasure for hundreds of years! This means that you, as a pirate, will be very interested in finding Dead Man's Pouch and retrieving some of the treasure floating around in it. Also, as a living thing, you'll be interested to know that Dead Man's Pouch is far more toxic than ordinary sack jellies. Just a couple seconds of contact with it can be fatal."


Corditeneutral by Marlcabinet "Now, these aren't treasures you can take, but any pirate would feel blessed to take a look at them!"

- Billy the whale -
Billy by Marlcabinet
Corditeneutral by Marlcabinet "Billy here's a telepathic rockabelly whale, and loves to talk to seafarers. He'll gladly lend assistance to anyone in need of it.

- Stained-Glass Star -
Star by Marlcabinet
Corditeneutral by Marlcabinet "Anyone bathing in the light from this sea crystal's gonna feel inspired enough to finish whatever project they've been working on, no matter its difficulty."


Corditehappy by Marlcabinet "That's it! Get out of here, get your supplies, set sail and start treasure hunting! See you back here safe and sound in one month!"

Ananahappy by Marlcabinet "And make sure to follow the rules!"

Show your team participating in the treasure hunt! Do they find the treasures they're looking for? Do they run into any difficulties? Do they get to keep their treasure? Do they steal someone else's treasure? Do they find the bonus treasures, or look upon the wonders? Be creative! Art or writing or music or anything else is fine, as long as it's made by you!

Deadline for entries is Jan 1, 2015
Entries after this date will still be accepted, but will not have a chance to be considered canon.

References and Links

Blank Application, Art
Example Application, Art
Example Application, Writing (just replace the information with your own)

Image Resources

Treasure Hunt Applications Folder
Treasure Hunt Entries Folder
Treasure Hunt Collab & Cameo Requests Folder

Southwest Owel
Citrico Capital & Luxuries
Citrico Currency

Treasures (full sheet)

Coastal Animals 1/9 Sea bear, Armor fish, Kamerge, Bwee horse, Sucker shark
Coastal Animals 2/9 Diamond head dolphin, Peliclam, Sack jelly, Coif crab, Polester
Coastal Animals 3/9 Rockabelly whale, Shell slicer whale
Coastal Animals 4/9 Squinker, Rubbyou, Mark knocker, Beavering
Coastal Animals 5/9 Sharker, Slugrub, Pastelbit, Drip seel, Gel squinker
Coastal Animals 6/9 Watercolor buffalo, Pangochoir, Chromadillo, Spool spider, Prism star
Coastal Animals 7/9 Giraffe roller, Palette fish, Glazemodo, Spraypaint skunk
Coastal Animals 8/9 Sack anemone, Pearly whelk, Cleaner shrimp, Porcelain plate crab, Urn urchin, Bell-shelled tortoise, Doubloon barnacle
Coastal Animals 9/9 Charcoal chicken, Stamp roller, Gum shooter, Sponge frog, Living likeness

:iconglitchedpuppet: - character design, art
:iconextyrannomon: - character design, art
:iconmarlcabinet: - writing

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